Our 1929 Spanish style Northern Pacific Railroad depot was under threat of demolition after being declared surplus by BNSF Railway in 2014. Through the efforts of a great many supporters, and thanks to BNSF Railway's willingness to allow time to develop an alternative, it has now (in December 2020) been relocated from railroad property to a new location in downtown Cheney. The Cheney Depot Society continues to work to rehabilitate this unique structure, giving Cheney’s history a new life.

Why Save Our Station?

  • For nearly one hundred years the railroad station served as the gateway to our city.
  • There is no other depot like this one, anywhere. The depot is something iconic and uniquely Cheney.
  • Its layout is versatile, it can easily serve contemporary uses.
  • Saving the building is a green investment. Let’s not waste the labor of those local men and the materials that went into the building.
  • It makes dollar sense to re-use rather than demolish and build new.

Who We Are

We are a group of citizens who have come together to save this unique and special depot to be used and remembered by new generations.


Our Partners

Helping us through their participation, advice, and collaboration are:

  • Eastern Washington University
  • City of Cheney
  • Southwest Spokane County Historical Society
  • Sunshine Partners - a local development group
  • Spokane Preservation Advocates, through a $5,000 Heritage Grant and hands-on assistance from the 'Doing It' Committee
  • Avista Foundation - through a $50,000 grant for interior and exterior improvements
  • Washington State Historical Society through a $366,000 Heritage Capital Projects grant in the 2019-2020 biennium


Others who see the depot as a significant asset for our community and a worthwhile project:

  • Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation
  • Cheney Historic Preservation Commission
  • City of Cheney
  • Over 200 community members who have donated to support the relocation and rehabilitation of the depot

Thank you to our Sponsors & Partners!

$50,000 +

Dr. Peter O. Hansen

Avista Foundation

Sunshine Partners

Washington State Historical Society


$5,000 to $49,999

Jack Gillingham

Terry Mourning & Associates

Doug & Diane Nixon

Spokane Preservation Advocates

Jeff Stafford

Tom & Glea Trulove

Anonymous:  In Memory of Charles V. Mutschler

Anonymous: In Memory of the Cheney Men Who Built the Depot


$500 to $4,999

Action Materials

Alpine Engineering - Phil Hart

Robert W. Batty

Susan Beeman

John & Christie Bruntlett

Budinger & Associates

Cheney Free Press

Coffman Engineers - Jeff Mitchell

David & Mary Daugherty

David & Peggy Harelson

Gayle Hennings

Robert & Meta Gibbs

Russell Holter

Jerome Jantz

Natasha Jernegan

Fred & Catherine Lauritsen

Bonnie & John Mager

Phyllis Mitzel

John Montague

Richard Mount

Charles Mutschler

Denise Mutschler

William & Nancy Nation

Network for Good

Teresa & Andrew Overhauser

Parametrix - Mark Aronson

Janet Prendergast

Martin & Rita Seedorf

Rhonda Stradling Lara

John Taves




Todd Ableman

Gary L. Azevedo

Anita Berryhill

Katie & Hugh Brown

Rachel Buck

Hobo Calloway

Darlene Caudill

Larry Cebula

Bob Crabb

Don & Sherrie Dobrott

George & Susan Durrie

Steve Emtman

Alan Fisher

Steve & Kym Grime

Ann Heehn

Shauna Hillman

Jerry Hilton

Brenda Holder

Ric Hubbard

Polly Kaczmarek

Jerry & Jennifer King

Betty Labish

Violet Lincoln

Linda K. Long

Charlene Lund

Will & Marynell Meyer

Jenine Miller

Sharon Mills-Wood

Jeri L. Morgan

Shane Nilles

Pauline T. Owen

Vonice & John Parker

Janice Preedy

Cara Reidy

Ben Rose

Ramon Sanchez

Monica Schaffer

Laura Siegmund

Rachel Stapleton

Rachel Staply

Joan Tracy

Graeme Webster

Jill Weiszmann

$100 to $499

James Abney

Laura Ackerman

Keith Adolphson

Jewel Baccarella

Stephen Boorman

Michael Bozzini

Jean E. Bruntlett

Teri & George Bybee

Richard Craven

Dave Daugharty

Thomas Davis

Richard & Mariann Donley

Margaret Duffy

Robert Dybing

William Dybing

Bonnie Eccles

Mark & Kathi Eckerich

Carole & Michael Folsom

James & Sheila Futterer

Mary George

Alan & Carolyn Fisher

James & Sheila Futterer

Jerry Goertz

Philip Grafious

Ivy & Michael Green

Elwin & Jean Gresham

Roger Hagenbuch

Judith S. Hamel

Gayle Hemmings

Dan Holtan

Judy L. James

Chuck King

Rose Knight

Andrea Kraft

Ralph & Sandra Laws

Charles Luttrell

Joan Mamanakis

Sonja Matison

Chris Mikkelsen

Marcia & Hugh Montgomery

Elizabeth Douglas Mornin

Kyle M. Pugh, Jr.

Dave & Cheryl Reagan

Edith Reagan

Denise Rietz

Shirley Sample

Ray Sawyer

Paul & Megan Schmidt

Arlen Sheldrake

United Methodist Church

Walker Construction Company

Wednesday Night Club

Jill Weiszmann


The extended family

of Anonymous

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Cheney Depot Society
1921 1st St., PMB 140
Cheney, WA 99004

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